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Clips Nation Night Saturday -- Make a night of it!

This Saturday's Clips Nation Night at Staples Center figures to be the best one yet. Not only do we have court time after the game, but we also have a pre-game mixer at Hyde Lounge on the Suite Level before!

This Saturday is Clips Nation Night 2013, our annual group night at STAPLES Center. This should be a fantastic evening. First of all it's a Saturday, so we can get there early and stay out late. It should be a great game, with the loaded Brooklyn Nets coming to town (along with Doc Rivers' old pals Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce). And of course there's the real highlight of the evening, when we take the court after the Clippers and Nets finish and play a little basketball of our own.

As if all of that isn't enough, we've got one more surprise for everyone. Arrive at STAPLES Center early for a Clips Nation pre-game mixer in Hyde Lounge on the suite level! We'll be there from 6 PM until tip off, so please stop by and say Hi to me and to the other citizens of Clips Nation. It's your best chance to talk to your fellow community members, since that's not really an option during the game or while we're all playing basketball ourselves.


The folks at Hyde are trying to promote themselves among Clipper fans, and I told them that I know a few. This pre-game reception is a sort of an experiment for them, and I told them that I'd get some folks there -- so don't let me down citizens! It's a great chance to meet face to face, have a drink at the cash bar, and see what Hyde Lounge is like. And like I said, it's a Saturday, so it's not like you have to leave work early to get there.

I'd really love to get a nice crowd there so please do stop by. I'll be there right at 6:00 ready to relax and talk Clippers with my peeps.

As for the rest of the evening, registration for court time is now closed -- we are at our maximum of eight teams of ten people each. I'll put together teams in advance and post them on the site by Friday at the latest along with all the pertinent details for the evening so be on the lookout for that. I believe the tickets are sold out as well, but you can always check to see if they've made more available (password POSTGAME).

So here's the important stuff --

  • Clips Nation Night this Saturday!
  • Pre-game Mixer at Hyde Lounge at 6:00 PM
  • Post-game tournament on the STAPLES Center floor

See you Saturday.