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Clips Nation Night Teams Released!

Clips Nation Night is tomorrow, Saturday November 16. The teams for our court time have been released after a super-secret selection process that involved Steve and a pencil.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The response was huge for Clips Nation Night this year, and I had to close registration at the maximum of 80, eight teams of 10 players each. (In fact, because a couple registrations slipped in before I got it closed off, we actually wound up at 81, so we have one team with 11, but we'll just deal with that.)

Since the list is frozen, I have constructed teams in advance. Here's the process I used, so everyone knows it's above board:

Step 1 -- keep people who signed up together on the same team so everyone gets to play with their friends;

Step 2 -- try to balance experience and skill to the extent possible;

Step 3 -- do everything possible to make sure that Citizen J.R. Smooth does not win for the third year in a row!

(OK, that third step isn't completely true. Only mostly true.)

I've designated team captains, and I'll be looking to you eight to help out Saturday night. Be visible, help find your teammates, etc.

Remember -- we do this to have fun. It is not easy to get playing time for 10 people in short games, but you have to do it, and I am counting on everyone, but especially the team captains, to make that happen. Most of us are out of shape, so plenty of people will be looking for a rest. For those of you who are bringing a full five man squad, yes, you should play some with that group because that's part of the fun -- but no, I do not want you to dominate the playing time with you and your four friends (I'm looking at you Erik O!) Figure it out, make it fun, make it fair. This is a community event for everyone.

SPECIAL NOTE TO CAPTAINS: I sent all of you an email. In some cases, the email address you used to sign up for the site may not be the one you use regularly. Please make a point of checking it. Also, at a minimum, leave a comment below that tells me that you are still planning to be there and that you know that you're a team captain.


  • If you are planning to play, find your name on the list below, and let me know ASAP if you do not see your name. Also, if there is a problem with your name for whatever reason, let me know that as well -- this list will serve as the starting point for the list for anyone wishing to go to Hyde Lounge before the game.
  • If you want to play, you MUST fill out a waiver form. In order to expedite the process tomorrow night so that we can maximize our court time, fill it out in advance and BRING IT WITH YOU. The form is here.
  • Wear appropriate clothing to play basketball including shorts and athletic shoes with non-marking soles. Also PLEASE bring two shirts (one white, one dark) or a reversible jersey so that we can identify teams. Trust me, with 10 on a team playing 5-on-5 half court with strangers for 15 minutes, you want to make it easy on yourself to know who your teammates are. (NOTE that you cannot wear shorts or jerseys in Hyde, so if you are planning to attend both the pre-game and the post-game portions of Clips Nation Night, you have no choice but to bring a change of clothes -- that's what I'm doing.)

You will notice that my name is NOT on the list; I pulled a calf muscle playing yesterday and am a bit hobbled. If there's a no show and a team needs a player, I may make an appearance, depending on how the calf is feeling at the time.

Clips Nation Night Teams

Team 1 -- Team Captain -- Citizen Erik O

Erik Olsgaard
Andy Kwan
Martin De Guzman
Kellie Hoy
Ali Yoshihara Olsgaard
Will Brownlee
Johnny Stark
Chris Morcom
Dario Konicja
Michael Yoon

Team 2 -- Team Captain -- Citizen javyg70

Javier Gonzalez
Daniel Saenz
Edward Ruiz
Jeffery Arroyo
Jesus Sanez
Jose Sanez
Martin Duncan
Jon Cummings
Jason Manhart
Josh Kammerer

Team 3 -- Team Captain -- Citizen Iankobe

Ian Li
Tracie Dang
Kimberly Pan
Jack Zhong
Kenny Liu
Louis Lam
Zachary Estrada
Timothy Reyes
John Sun
danny sevilla

Team 4 -- Team Captain -- Citizen cliptoris

David Hoang
Michael Hoang
David Tamayo
Edgar Cruz
Tivagone Lurngvirujanakul
Sebastian Villalpando
Arthur Villalpando
Brad Huss
Steven Sluyter
Quoc Thai Tran

Team 5 -- Team Captain -- Citizen Mdluffyop

James Nguyen
Van Nguyen
Steve Manivong
Tommy M.
Johnny Chen
Russell Payne
Jeremy Martin
Scott Warner
Dylan Warner
Ben Ikuta

Team 6 -- Team Captain -- Citizen erichkim

Austin Brines
Bradley Fernandez
Austin Hammer
Casey Magid
Erich Kim
Noa Ryu
Jay Shim
Aaron Steele
Emmanuel Heredia
Toby Machart

Team 7 -- Team Captain -- Citizen KidJustin

Phil Wilder
Will Bryant
Wayne Ylanan
Andrew Flesch
Ron Corral
Justin Pagtalunan
Jae Alba
Jayson Perlas
Randall Trice
Nader Khalil
Amanda Thomas

Team 8 -- Team Captain -- Citizen J.R. Smooth

JR Mariano
Jonathan Arid
Anthony Hernandez
Christian Garris
Brandi Garris
Sebastian Vera
Alex Garris
Jim Fleigner
Richard Espy
Ron Corral