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Clips Nation Night -- All the details you need

Tomorrow night for the Nets game, we've got a great group event planned. Before the game, join us in Hyde Lounge for a reception. After the game, we'll being playing ball on the Staples Center court.

As promised, here are the details for Clips Nation Night tomorrow night at STAPLES Center. We've had a great response, we've got our teams all set for the court time after the game, and we've even got access to Hyde Lounge on the Suite Level at STAPLES Center for a pre-game get together. It's almost too much for one night, but it's going to be great.

Hyde Lounge reception

Starting at 6 PM, we will have a Clips Nation reception at the Hyde Lounge inside STAPLES Center. When you arrive inside STAPLES, go to the Hyde Lounge booth across from Aisle 10 on the Main Concourse. There you'll receive a wristband, and they escort you up to Hyde Lounge in groups. It's possible you might have to wait a bit for a group to form, so if you don't want to have to wait, I'd suggest you get there right away.

Everyone who signed up to play is already on the list. If you are planning to be there and want to attend the Hyde Lounge reception but did not sign up to play, that's fine, just leave your name in the comments below so I can get you on the list.

Here's the amazing part: your wristband gets you access to Hyde Lounge all night! It doesn't get you a seat inside, but if you want to go to the reception before the game, then grab a drink at halftime or whatever, that's fine. You can just come back to Hyde anytime by going to the Hyde booth across from Aisle 10. Cool huh?

For the reception, we'll have a separate room and our own bartender. In order to try to get some sort of head count, please leave a comment below if you're planning to be there. If your name is already on the list, just tell me yes, you're coming and how many people in your group. If your name is not on the list, leave your name and any other names with you. Got it?

Hyde Lounge is 21 and over, so you high schoolers who are playing in the game, sorry. The dress code is: no sandals, no shorts, no jerseys unless you wear a T-shirt underneath. Nice jeans and tennis shoes are OK, but it is a lounge, so, you know, make an effort.

You can find more information about Hyde Lounge here.

I'll be there from the very start, so come on by and say hi. I'd love to get a good crowd in there.

Court time

At the conclusion of the Clippers-Nets game (hopefully a Clippers win) we'll meet on the Main Concourse at the entrance to Section 112. If you are planning to play, verify that your are on one of the teams, fill out the waiver form, and bring it with you tomorrow night.

To play you will need to have appropriate basketball attire, including shorts, athletic shoes with non-marking soles and both a white T-shirt and dark T-shirt (or a reversible jersey) so we can identify teams.

In order to get psyched up for the game, you might want to watch citizen Carlos Cee's video from last year's Clips Nation Night festivities!