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Are the Clippers the Only Team Lamar Odom is Interested In?

According to a report by Broderick Turner of the LA Times, the Clippers are the only team that Lamar Odom will sign with.

Stephen Dunn

As ClipsNation writer lovinglosangeles shared with us earlier, Broderick Turner had a report this morning regarding yesterday's meeting between the Clippers and Lamar Odom.

According to Turner, Clippers head coach and VP of Basketball Operations Doc Rivers confirmed the club's interest in Odom.  Rivers had some praise for the veteran forward: "I've always had interest in him [...] I've always liked him.  The teams he has played on, the coaches who have coached him have always liked him... I hadn't seen him.  I just wanted to see him."

The key nugget of Turner's report is that according to one of Turner's sources, the Clippers are the only team that Lamar Odom is interested in playing for.  This suggests that a signing is coming soon, as the Clippers desperately need a backup big man.

The Clippers' current backup big men, Byron Mullens and Ryan Hollins, have been major liabilities on the season.  Mullens has only shot 26% from deep (lower than his already low career average) while managing less than 8 rebounds per 36 minutes and turning the ball over at an alarming rate for a backup big man (3.4 per 36).  Hollins has finished better than Mullens (64% FG) but has averaged an abysmal 5.9 rebounds per 36 while managing to average the same number of fouls per 36.  Anytime a center averages as many fouls as rebounds, it's not a good sign.

Hopefully the Clippers can bring on Odom soon, and hopefully he'll play well, because the backup big men are a problem on a nightly basis.