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Griffin Named West's Player of the Week -- and he's still just scratching the surface

Blake Griffin capped a very good week with the honor of being named the Player of the Week in the Western Conference. He averaged over 25 points, 11 rebounds and almost five assists during the week leading the Clippers to three wins.

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Stephen Dunn

Blake Griffin had a good week. The Los Angeles Clippers went three and oh against some good competition, and Griffin averaged over 25 points, 11 rebounds and almost five assists, while shooting .563 from the field. As a reward, he was named Western Conference Player of the Week today. And the strange thing is that it doesn't even feel like he's really broken out yet this season -- but it feels like it's coming.

Griffin's been steadily spectacular, if there is such a thing. He posted his first 30 point game of the season -- exactly 30 -- on Saturday against the Nets. He has scored at least 18 in every game. His 22.9 points per game average is the highest of his career and ranks him eighth in the NBA in scoring. Of the league's 20 point per game scorers, only LeBron James is hitting a higher percentage from the field than Griffin, who is making almost 58% of his shots. He's also increased his rebounding over last season.

And he can still get so much better.

Whether this is the start of a breakout season for Griffin under Doc Rivers or just a particularly good week in another productive season remains to be seen. I somehow feel like the best is yet to come.