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Video from Clips Nation Night 2013

Once again, Citizen Carlos Cee brought his camera to Clips Nation Night and captured the festivities. He makes us look good -- or he tries anyway. He's not a magician.

Last Saturday was our annual Clips Nation Night where we play basketball on the STAPLES Center court after the Clippers game. This one was extra special for a few reasons. We had the opportunity to hang out in the Hyde Lounge before the game and even during the game if you so chose. I think we had a turnout of about 50 people in Hyde, which was great, and it provided a nice opportunity to talk face to face to your fellow citizens.

It was also special because, quite coincidentally, we had citizens from Sweden and Australia that just happened to be in town this weekend and were able to attend Clips Nation Night. It really was the highlight of my evening to get to speak directly with Citizen Marten from Sweden and Citizen Pull Up 3 from Australia. What an amazing community we have here that can bring people together from so many thousands of miles apart!

As he did last year, Citizen CarlosCee was the official videographer of the night. He didn't happen to get my behind-the-back pass on camera, but I'm not as mad at him as I am at Anthony for missing the shot and costing me an assist! Thanks so much to Carlos for taking the time not only to come to Clips Nation Night, but also to edit this video for us.

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