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Blake Griffin posterizes Ryan Hollins

The latest member of the Blake Griffin Poster Club is his very own teammate, Ryan Hollins, who found himself between Blake and a putback dunk on Monday night.

You never know who Blake Griffin's next poster buddy is going to be. Timofey Mozgov, Kendrick Perkins, Pau Gasol and many others have been in the wrong place during some of Griffin's best dunks over the years. But he hadn't really come up with a new poster yet after 10 games of the current season.

Who knew his first poster victim would be his own teammate?

When Chris Paul missed a 15 footer, Ryan Hollins was in decent position to get the offensive rebound. But Griffin got a running start and went over Hollins' back for the put back -- the way Hollins went flailing forward was a little reminiscent of what Blake did to Pau a couple of seasons back.