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Report: Clippers players excited for Lamar Odom's potential return

USA Today caught up with some Clipper players to get their feedback on Lamar Odom's potential return to the Clippers.

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Per USA Today, here are some of those comments on Lamar Odom:

Jared Dudley:

"Everyone who was here (with the Clippers last season) has always told me (that) Lamar was a good guy, a great locker room guy - funny, never complained - even with the struggles," Dudley, who came to the Clippers via trade during the summer, told USA TODAY Sports before their loss to the Memphis Grizzlies on Monday night. "His struggle was getting in shape and getting motivated. I think that once he got in the season, he was motivated, they said. The only thing I've heard is he's a good guy. That's the honest truth. It seemed like, when he came into the locker room (during a visit at the team's facility on Friday), when he was high-fiving every guy, like he was a good personality."

As for whether Dudley foresees Odom joining the Clippers, he told USA TODAY Sports, "Oh, 100%."

Dudley on Lamar's weight:

"He looked like he was in good shape (on Friday). He looked good. Last year, (Clippers players) said that he came in out of shape. His weight is not up (now), and I wouldn't say that he looked frail and skinny. So it looked like he was like Lamar with the Lakers body type. He looked like he was in a good mood.

Matt Barnes:

"I think it's great," Clippers reserve forward Matt Barnes told USA TODAY Sports. "For one, as a friend who is wanting him to get his life back on track, I think that's important. But he's an intelligent big (man) who knows how to play the game. Hopefully he can get himself back in shape and be a great addition to our team.

"I knew Doc wanted him in the summer, so let's just hope. I think he'd be a welcome addition to our team. He looked good (during his visit). He was back smiling. He's great. Great personality. Great guy. His weight looked good. He looked good."

DeAndre Jordan:

"Shoot, I love Lamar man," he told USA TODAY Sports. "He helped me out a lot, on and off the court last year, especially with the mental aspect of the game. He's a champion, so he knows what it takes to win and what is not something that we need in the locker room and on the floor.

"Just to get a veteran guy like that back on the team, just to help us, because he's more than capable of being a locker room guy and a player. He's a great player. He can help us out in so many ways. As long as he's ready to go, we definitely welcome him back with open arms."

Asked about the understandable qualifier in his sentiment, the idea that Odom needs to be ready to compete at the highest level if he's going to be part of this talented group again, Jordan said, "I saw him (on Friday). He looks like he's ready to go. He looks good man. He said he's been working out.

"He seems like he's focused, and that's definitely what we're going to need from him...Coming home is something that's going to be good for him. He'll probably get a little (expletive) from the crowd every now and then, but that's our job as teammates to hone him back in and get him back right."