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Lamar Odom still on Clip's radar

Lamar Odom still on Clip's radar


Yeah I know this was reported in the threads but this article by Brad Turner seems more or less front page worthy. In it Turner reports that Lamar Odom is supposed to show up at the Clipper practice facility this week and the team is still considering adding him to the roster this season.

Doc Rivers says some nice things about Odom but also admits that he doesn't know him particularly well. The subtext also seems to indicate that Odom might not really be in basketball shape and there might be some doubt about where Lamar is at in his personal life right now. Though this is entirely conjecture on my part.

There are some of us, and I am one, who believe that adding a 2012-13 Lamar Odom to the present Clipper team would be a huge improvement, and solve an awful lot of the Clipper's current problems, but with the Clippers roster currently at 14 (out of 15 max) there is absolutely no room for error.  I'm pretty sure Doc Rivers and the Clips front office is aware of that as well, and wants to make damn sure of what they might be getting in a 2014 model Lamar.

We'll see what happens.