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Chris Paul: 'I'm all right'

Thinking we had possibly lost our star point guard for a few days during Wednesday's game against the New York Knicks truly scared us Clipper fans. However, it appeared that it was a minor hamstring injury suffered by Chris Paul and according to Paul himself, he will be ready to play on Friday night when the Clippers face the Sacramento Kings.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Per Arash Markazi of ESPN:

"I just strained my hamstring a little bit but I'm all right," Paul said. "I went to the back and I was on the bike watching the game. I came back and I told Doc if you need me I can go. It's a little tight but I'll be ready Friday."

But in Arash's article, Doc Rivers takes a more cautious approach to Paul's injury:

"I think he's doing good," Clippers coach Doc Rivers said. "[Clippers trainer Jasen Powell] said he could have come back in but there was no chance he was coming back in. Chris has told me already twice that he'll be ready for Friday but that doesn't mean that that's true. That's just what he said."