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My second favorite Chris Paul move Monday night

Chris Paul is in incredible form to start the season, but the move he laid on Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik last night was nasty even for him.

Harry How

In the recap for the Clippers-Rockets game I mentioned the move where Chris Paul ran Jeremy Lin into Omri Casspi, essentially using Casspi as a screener to free himself for a wide open layup. That was my favorite CP3 move of a night where there were plenty to chose from.

The Rockets tried to get back into the game on several occasions. On this one, midway through the third, Houston had only a moment before cut the lead to single digits. But as they had done all night, the Clippers were able to push the lead back out with some stellar offensive sets.

When the Clippers rebounded Chandler Parsons' three point miss, Doc Rivers was considering taking a timeout to talk things over. But either he or Paul saw something he liked, and instead Paul went one on one against Lin.


He gave Lin a couple of nasty crossovers, a stop and go, a pull back dribble, and eventually got past him toward the middle. But the best was yet to come. As Omer Asik's help is arriving, Paul knifes back to his right, between Asik and Lin, to lay the scoop shot off the glass. Paul's fully extended right handed shot just eludes Asik's block attempt, and the english on the shot as the ball kisses low off the backboard -- still on it's way up -- is something to behold. It's an old-school gym rat finish. It's beautiful.

Look at the photo at the top of the post. Look at Paul's position, look at Asik. How does Paul get that shot off, let alone make it? Amazing.

With the LA lead back up to 15, it was Kevin McHale and the Rockets who had to call timeout at that point.