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Clippers-Rockets: Submit your Questions for The Dream Shake

I had my chance to ask some questions about the Rockets last week, and now it's your turn. Submit your questions for the Dream Shake and look for them to be answered in The Questionable Blogger tomorrow.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

For the second game between the Los Angeles Clippers and Houston Rockets in six days, you've got a chance to submit your questions for the bloggers at SBNation's Rockets blog The Dream Shake. Before the first meeting won by the Clippers on Monday, I sent five questions to Patrick Harrel which he kindly answered. But I grow weary of asking questions now, and would like for you people to step up and do your duty as citizens of Clips Nation. Submit your Rockets questions in the comment thread and maybe you'll get an answer before game time.

If there was something you wanted to know that I didn't ask, if there's a follow up from my questions that piqued your interest, if you noticed something from the first game you'd like more information on, now's your chance. Hurry and get your questions in over the next few hours, so Patrick and his team have time to answer them before the game. There's no guarantee that your question will get answered of course -- he's going to pick the best questions and/or the most frequently asked ones and answer those -- but you can't get an answer if you don't ask.