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Clips Nation calendar of upcoming events

It's always busy in the virtual community of Clips Nation, but it's going to be a very busy month in the physical community as well. We've got several different opportunities to get together coming in the next month -- be sure to join the fun in the real world!

We've got several Clips Nation events coming up in the next week or so, and one on the calendar for December so far. While Clips Nation is first a virtual community, it is also a physical community as we've found out when we have gotten together in the past. Please take advantage of these opportunities to hang out with your fellow citizens, to meet them in person, shake their hands, share a bite to eat or a beer. It makes a huge difference in your online interactions as well.

And in case you think you know everything and aren't planning to read this, there's a special announcement below about Clips Nation Night on the 16th and a new event announcement.


Saturday, November 9 -- This is tomorrow folks! The Hooters in Santa Monica is having a Clippers Viewing Party. They did a few of these last season and it's a very good time. They'll have 20% off food and merchandise for anyone in Clippers gear, and there will also be some giveaways at halftime. I'll be there, and you should too. Game starts at 5 PM. Remember to wear your Clippers gear for discounts.

ALSO TOMORROW! Saturday at 4 PM is the deadline to submit entries to the Clips Nation/Hyde Lounge VIP Ticket giveaway contest. You're predicting the results of the Clippers-Rockets game in Houston, so yeah, you need to make sure your entry is in before the game starts! We only had a few more entries yesterday. There's still time to win this valuable prize and see the Clippers play the Timberwolves from VIP seats in Hyde Lounge on the Suite Level at STAPLES on Monday.

Monday, November 11 -- OK, I'm kind of repeating myself, but in the interests of calendar completeness, tickets to the Minnesota game on Monday night at 7:30 is the grand prize in the Clips Nation/Hyde Lounge VIP Ticket giveaway contest. Make your predictions, and if yours in the most accurate, you'll win a pair of tickets. This is probably the best prize we've ever given away at Clips Nation, so don't miss this chance. If you want to see that game, just enter the contest -- you've got nothing to lose.

Saturday, November 16 -- Clips Nation Night, with Court Time! Looks like this one is sold out -- good job on that! (I'll double check to see if any more tickets can be made available just in case -- I'll let you know what I find out of course.) We've got a good group signed up to play ball (nearing our absolute maximum) and you did your job and bought up all the tickets, so it's looking like it'll be a great night. But wait, there's more! (SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!) Working with our new friends at Hyde Lounge, we've got access to the club for a pre-party that night! How cool is that! There will be more details to follow, but plan to get to STAPLES Center early next Saturday to hang with us in Hyde Lounge starting around 5:30. Come by and have a drink at the cash bar, talk Clippers, get a peak at Hyde Lounge. Basically, plan on dedicating your entire evening, from 5:30 at Hyde Lounge until 11:30 on the court, to Clippers basketball and your friends at Clips Nation. Good thing it's a Saturday!

Saturday, December 7 -- JUST ANNOUNCED! For the road game in Cleveland on Saturday December 7, we're having a Clips Nation Viewing Party at Joey's Smokin' BBQ in Torrance. As many of you know, Joey's is owned and operated by our very own citizen pegitom, and he's hosted Viewing Parties there before. Since this game is on a Saturday, there are no excuses about not being able to get there from work, etc. Let's make this a huge event, the biggest Clips Nation Viewing Party ever. The food is fantastic, and pegitom will have 20% off regularly priced menu items including drinks all night. And just to sweeten the pot a little more, I'll be running a trivia contest at halftime with a grand prize to the winner of two seats in section 107 for the Timberwolves game on Sunday Dec. 22, donated by pegitom himself. Wow! If you're within an hour of Torrance and a loyal citizen of Clips Nation, you WILL be at Joey's Smokin' BBQ on December 7. Tip off is at 4:30 PM.

Joey's Smokin' BBQ
25308 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance, CA 90505
Phone: 310) 257-1324
Clippers at Cavaliers
Saturday, December 7, 4:30 PM