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I love the internet, Charles Barkley edition

Charles Barkley says that it's embarrassing that the Clipper bigs gave up 30 points and 20 rebounds to some random foreign dude. That never happened to Sir Charles, right? RIGHT?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Isn't it hilarious when Jon Stewart has a clip of some politician or news anchor insisting he never said something, and then goes directly to the video of the same person saying exactly what he says he never said? My favorite part of those Daily Show moments is when Jon muses aloud whether these people understand that we have this stuff called video, and that their words are being recorded, and that we actually know what they've said in the past.

During the pregame festivities for Clippers-Heat on Thursday, Charles Barkley was ridiculing Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan for allowing Nikola Vucevic of the Magic to score 30 points and grab 20 rebounds against them the previous night. Shaquille O'Neal, who is the voice of reason on that show (let that sink in for a moment) asked Sir Charles if anyone had ever perhaps hung a 30/20 night on him, if perhaps these things happen and they don't automatically invalidate a person forever.

I'm paraphrasing now, but the reply went something like this: "I ain't never given up no 30/20 to no Nikola Vucevic. Maybe to Larry Bird. This guy ain't Kevin Love. I ain't never given up no 30/20 to a guy like that."

At which point I turned to ClipperMax and said, "I have a research project."

Three players posted 30/20 nights against Charles Barkley and his teammates in his career. As it happens, none of them were Larry Bird, who only had one 30/20 in his career. Barkley was however on the receiving end of 30/20s from:

  • Patrick Ewing: Hall of Famer, 11 time All Star, hung 33 and 20 on Barkley and the Sixers on April 4, 1989. No shame there.
  • Bill Laimbeer: Not in the Hall of Fame, but a four time All Star, one of his two career 30/20 games came against Barkley on February 11, 1987. Laimbeer averaged under 13 points per game in his career, but he was a good player. We'll let it slide.
  • Rony Seikaly: Seikaly put up a 35/20 game against the Sixers on April 19, 1991. Seikaly never made an All Star team, he's not in the Hall of Fame. Seikaly was a pretty decent center -- he's no Nikola Vucevic, but he was pretty good. He is however one hell of a DJ.

And that is why I love the internet.