Barkley, Barkley….Oh Barkley….

He did it again! Charles Barkley , a basketball prophet/analyst, has been quoted in LA times that the "Clippers can't win a basketball championship this season". There are 2 main reasons: our point guard who only stands at 5'7 (CP3 seems to be growing shorter everyday) is the toughest player of the team and the rest of the team are "softer that a tissue paper" and no half-court offense. Surprised that Barkley failed to mention our whole defense, which is worst in the NBA.

We can always say that Barkley has no business saying this because he has not won a championship himself. But some of these comments are worth looking into. Although Barkley could be bias and much prejudice run in his blood about his perception of the Clippers, we cannot just disregard these comments and be on denial.

First of all, he is right in saying that CP3 who is the smallest player in the team is our toughest player. Barnes is as tough as CP3 but the rest could be very far from these two in terms of toughness and that includes DJ and Blake.

As far as our half-court offense, we have a genius in Paul who is the master player in half court game. What happened in Miami was not a true indication of Paul’s ability to run a half court game; rather it has shown a weakness in our offensive system, which can be mended early on. I'm glad that this flaw was exposed and could be addressed right away. I’m sure the staff is very much aware of this and could still be developing something to address this issue. The firepower we already have in JJ, Dudley and Crawford.

Now, Blake’s production in the Miami’s game could very well indicate that he should be the first option in the offense and should get more touches. CP3 suggested this himself. Although Blake is not that skilled in low post game, his athleticism and his quickness more than compensate for this shortcomings. Blake should go back to his second year form where he was posting double double numbers that most of the teams were forced not only double-teaming him but also triple teaming him not to mentioned heavily punishing him as well. Perhaps Paul and Blake together with the coaching staff should study these games and resurrect the old strenghts of the old Blake Griffin.

Barkley reiterated that the Clippers could only go as far as Blake and DJ could take them and we all know how true this is. DJ has to continue improving, a given. But having the strengths of the old Blake that we used to describe with different names and titles added to the strength of the new Blake could be the difference in making our chances better to play in the NBA finals.

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