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Griffin named West Player of the Week

Blake Griffin has been named the Player of the Week in the Western Conference this week. It's the second time this season that he has received the honor.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For the second time this season, Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers has been named the Player of the Week for the Western Conference. Griffin averaged 26 points, over 11 rebounds and three rebounds during the week, but the single most important statistic for his candidacy was this one -- the Clippers were undefeated, 4-0 over the course of the week.

Beyond his stats, it has certainly been a terrific week for the Clippers young power forward. Against the Spurs, against the Nuggets, against the Timberwolves -- he's been beyond impressive. He's been much more willing to flash his point guard like handle, to grab a defensive rebound on one end and take off at full speed for the other end. He's also mastering some very subtle passing around the basket, hitting his buddy DeAndre Jordan with touch pass lobs that are essentially indefensible. The "just a dunker" pejorative was never accurate -- but if Griffin keeps playing like this, even his critics will have to abandon that misnomer.

Dwyane Wade was named the East's player of the Week.