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Clippers-Grizzlies: Crowdsourcing some questions

The Clippers play the Grizzlies on Thursday night. If you have questions you'd like answered about the Grizzlies, leave them here, and Chris Faulkner of Grizzly Bear Blues will answer the best ones before the game.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

The Clippers open their season-long seven game road trip with back-to-back games, the second one coming against their dreaded rivals the Memphis Grizzlies, against whom they've lost five straight game dating back to the playoffs. The Clippers can't afford to look past the Atlanta Hawks and start thinking about the Grizzlies but you, the citizens of Clips Nation, must -- or at least you must if you want to get any questions you have about Memphis answered before the game.

Chris Faulkner of SB Nation's Grizzlies blog Grizzly Bear Blues and I exchanged questions before the first meeting of the season between the teams a couple weeks back, so I've had my turn. Now it's your turn. Leave your Grizzly (not grisly) questions in the comments and Chris will pick out the best one and answer them for us.

Now, I don't think I have to say this, but I will anyway: be nice, be courteous, be respectful. Chris is a guest on our blog, and we should treat him well. Yes, we hate the Grizzlies with a passion that only true evil can inspire, but we don't hate Chris. I don't want to answer "Why is Blake Griffin such a bitch?" questions his readers, and he shouldn't have to deal with "Why is Z-Bo such a thug?" questions from us. If you have a legitimate question about the team, then leave it below. If you just want to talk about how much you loathe Memphis and all things associated with it, including Elvis and smoked meats, save that for the game thread. Got it?