Will 4 Wins Be a Tall Order in This Road Trip?

Instead of punishing their opponents, the Clippers are busy digging drenches for themselves...deep holes that they are not able to climb out. They start the game lackadaisically, without intensity, without "purpose" and seemingly wake up from their bad dreams in the middle of the game only to go back to sleep having more nightmares.

The game last night was like a horror movie, with the Clippers playing like zombies moving around without any direction like walking dead. Needless to say, the offense is stagnant without JJ and Green (although he plays with his heart and like a good soldier is always prepared if summoned) has not enough firepower to replace the loss 15 points production of JJ. Without JJ the offense lacks fluidity and movement. It becomes more predictable and CP3 is turning to the old CP3 of VDN. Going to Blake early worked for a little while until Atlanta figured it out and crowded the inside pushing Blake more to the outside challenging him to make his jump shots. But Blake is no JJ either and when he misses his shot it leaves DJ alone to get the rebound. It does not help also for Blake to pick and pop ala David West instead of pick and rolling towards the basket for his slam. And what is wrong with Dudley? It looks like he is playing hurt and has been out of his shooting rhythm. Or is he in a slump? Green and Dudley’s output for the first half was a measly 2 baskets together! They made shots in the 2nd half when the game was lost and it did not matter anymore. And when CP3 is not making his regular medium range shot which for him are layups, then we are in for a "long and winding road" to travel as Steve suggested. I wonder if CP3 is also not 100% and still having problem with his hamstring?

The first game, if it is an indicator of how we will perform in this long road trip, is not a good omen. Today, we are in a lion’s den full of hungry and angry Grizzlies. If Milsap was a monster last night a bigger and deadlier monster is at hand...Z-bo. They might not have a Korver but still Conley can make those 3’s and they have in their bench a player named Miller. Since we don’t have JJ, Allen must be having CP3 for his assignment tonight. That spells trouble. Plus historically, we don’t play well in Memphis.

I am hoping that the team will wake up and steal a win in Memphis. They need a win before they go further east which although their records show how poorly they are playing should not be taken for granted. The teams we are playing are recently winning. I will not be surprise if Brooklyn will play their best game against us. Cleveland and Washington are no pushovers with their bigs (Bynum and Nene) becoming more involved in their games. Against Philadelphia and Boston we should win. Coming back with 4 wins will not be so good but quite acceptable.

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