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The Clips Nation Night Trivia Quiz

We had a great time at Clips Nation Night at Joey's Smokin' BBQ in Torrance. The highlight of the evening was certainly not the dreadful Clippers' performance, so it must have been the trivia quiz.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Clippers game in Cleveland really sucked. But what didn't suck was the Clips Nation Viewing Party at Joey's Smokin' BBQ in Torrance. Joining me at citizen pegitom's great BBQ joint were many great citizens. I won't get them all, so please correct me in the comments if I have something wrong or forget to mention someone, but among the people there were Citizen Zhiv, cliptakular and his family, PaperClip, RichardSP and his family, Carlos Cee, Vicki (I forgot your handle?) and her husband, Ben Ikuta, a surprising number of lurkers, and others I'm just forgetting right now.

Part of the festivities was a trivia contest. I came up with the questions myself, and apparently the questions were hard. That was the consensus of the group anyway. A perfect score on the test would have been a 50 -- the winning score was a 22, by Ben (he won two tickets to the Clippers vs. the Nuggets for that). But it was very close, so that's good. There was also a 21, a 19 and an 18. There were also some zeros, but I won't name names.

If you're curious how you would have done on the quiz, test yourself below. It's a combination of Clips Nation trivia and Clippers trivia, so if you're a massive fan of the Clippers who's only been reading the site since Chris Paul's arrival, you'll do well on some but not on others.


Clippers/Clips Nation Trivia Quiz

1. This NBA journeyman had a nine year NBA career encompassing 337 games and eight teams. He started a total of 51 games. Name the player and the number of those starts that came during his single season with the Clippers, 04-05. (2 points each, full credit within 3 games, +/-).

2. What was ClipperSteve's April Fool's Day Joke in 2009? (3 points total)

3. What was the preferred Clips Nation nickname for Cuttino Mobley? (2 points)

4. What was the most common Clips Nation nickname for good Chris Kaman, and what was the nickname for bad Chris Kaman? (2 points each)

5. Who was the Clippers first round draft pick in 2007? Who was the Clippers second round draft pick in 2007? (2 points each)

6. The Clippers waived a player and made two separate trades at the trade deadline in 2010. Describe those transactions in as much detail as possible.
(1 point for each principal properly identified.)

7. Steve has described Donald Sterling as which of the following? (2 points)
(a) a sepulchral cloud that hangs over the franchise
(b) erratic and boorish
(c) (alleged) scumbag
(d) tonedeaf
(e) All of the above

8. The Clippers traded the second pick in the 1995 draft. Who did they receive in the trade, and who did the pick end up being? (2 points each)

9. During the 08-09 season, who led the Clippers in points per game? Who scored the most total points? (2 points each)

10. Prior to Elton Brand and Corey Maggette, name a Clipper who re-signed with the team as a free agent. (2 points each)

11. Who holds the Clippers franchise record for career points? (2 points)

12. What weird NBA record (with a weird acronym) does Chris Kaman hold? How many such games does he have? (2 points each, full credit within 5 games +/-)

13. Who did the Clippers draft in the second round in 2003, what is the acronym by which he is known in Clips Nation, and what does the acronym stand for? (2 points each)


Obviously you can just look up the answers if you want, but test yourself and see how you do. You should probably stay away from the comments section until you've given it your best try, as I'm sure the answers will be discussed there.