The Hyde in us……..


Doc calls it different names such as "pouting" and "emotional hijacks", I simply call it Mr. Hyde’s personality syndrome.

In his book Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, L Stevenson character Dr. Jekyll believed that the two sides of man, the good and the evil, could be separated. His hypothesis is that the evil side can be controlled leaving the good side to go on without worry, the combination of which would be beneficial to society. He further believed that by separating the two sides, man could be liberated. Through the wonders of chemistry, Dr. Jekyll would drug himself and turn into an animalistic character named Mr. Hyde who is the embodiment of all the evil side of Dr. Jekyll. Unfortunately, by becoming more of Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll was unaware how ingrained Hyde’s character is in his own life.

When Doc and his team came to the Clippers they were envisioning the team to turn into an offensive and defensive machine. Gentry was added to take care of the offensive side while Doc and the other staff to implement a defense patterned after Thibodeau’s defensive scheme they utilized with great success with the Celtics. With the addition of 2 shooters in the wings, Reddick and Dudley, Gentry’s system was at once installed with great initial success, the starters efficiently running the plays at a high level. For a while the team was enjoying a high octane offense averaging to the tune of 106.7 points per game, number 1 in all NBA. However, while the Doc was tinkering with the team’s chemistry something was brewing in the defense that was turning into a horrible monster, a Mr. Hyde if I may call it. While the offense was climbing to the roof, the defense was diving to the basement the two going into opposite directions. Mr. Hyde keeps on emerging without any control and Doc Jekyll is at a loss on how to keep Mr. Hyde from coming out. Mr. Hyde believe it or not would come out in the first half and Dr. Jekyll would reappear in the second half. 67% of the time Mr. Jekyll restored order and won the battle. 33% of the time, Mr. Hyde subdued Doc Jekyll. Lately, it has been Mr. Hyde showing his ugly face most of the time, not only on defense but also on offense.

It is amazing how the good side and the bad side of this team shows separately in the same game as if two different teams are playing as in the L. Stevenson’s plot of his story.

The Clippers winning percentage has gone down playing with this split personality and is becoming more disturbing not only for Doc and his coaching staff, for the fans, but for the players as well who seemed to be annoyed and frustrated their games being adversely affected. CP3 is losing his cool and one can easily notice how Blake’s game is turning sour. No one can make shots anymore, Green, Dudley, Jamison and now even Crawford. The growing number of injuries is feeding on Mr. Hyde’s personality and there is a danger that this dark side would run wild destroying the confidence of the players.

But how do you kill a Mr. Hyde? Doc said, "Just keep playing" even through bad calls (consistency). DJ said they all have to grow up (maturity). CP3 said that they have to play ball and stay together (unity). Blake said they have to keep better body language and better demeanor, "but that’s tough" (poise and toughness).

Whatever (chemistry) is needed, Doc and his coaching staff need to stop this intruder and let the good character of the team emerges. This challenge could turn into and adversity and when it does it could build or destroy. But even if it turns to one, a good leader would welcome it knowing that it could turn into an opportunity to build and improve.

Doc’s philosophy on adversity is that "it is good and one must accept it, embrace it and enjoy it".

Lip service or for real?

Now is the best time to test and allow Doc’s philosophy to turn this adversity into an opportunity.

Let Doc lick and kick Mr. Hyde out of the court and get the real Clippers to come out!

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