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Sunday's NBAction Open Thread

We have a full slate of games today, including the ABC matchup between the Lakers and the Heat.

Al Bello

The big game of the day is already over, as the Clippers won in New York in what I think was their first ABC showcase game ever, 102-88.

There's eight more games on this NBA Sunday, though, including another ABC game featuring the Heat and Lakers. I'm also going to be watching my Syracuse Orange take on St. John's on ESPN.

Here's the schedule for today:

12:30: Lakers @ Heat, ABC

The Lakers have been playing better of late, but they aren't quite challenging the Clippers for the division yet. It's an ABC showcase game so you should be watching.

3:00: Nuggets @ Celtics

The Nuggets are challenging the Clippers for the third seed, one loss behind them and 2 games behind them in the standings. So root for the Celtics to win. Except if the Celtics keep winning, Danny Ainge won't blow it up. I'll stick with the Denver loss as I don't see a Boston-LA trade forthcoming.

3:00: Hornets @ Raptors

This game doesn't matter a lot from a standings standpoint, but you get to watch Eric Gordon on the Hornets and Rudy Gay on the Raptors, so why not.

3:00: Trail Blazers @ Magic

Again, this game doesn't matter to the Clippers in the standings, but Portland wins keep the Lakers back.

3:00: Timberwolves @ Grizzlies

The Wolves are essentially out of the playoff hunt due to injuries, but the Grizzlies are in 5th place in the conference and pressuring the Clippers, so we'll root for the upset in this one.

5:00: Spurs @ Nets, ESPN

The third and last nationally televised game of the day features the top seed in the Western Conference, so we'll pull for the Nets to help the Clippers out in the standings.

5:00: Thunder @ Suns

The Suns are in the bottom spot in the Western Conference, so they're no threat to the Clippers for the division at this point, but a Thunder loss helps the Clippers out in the standings, so root for the upset.

6:00: Rockets @ Kings

Sacramento is currently residing in the conference cellar, no threat to the Clips, but the Rockets are in the 7th slot in the West, no imminent threat to the Clippers but they could be down the line.