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The Heat have worn six different uniforms since Christmas

Pushing the league policies and the basic concept of a 'uniform' to their limits, the Miami Heat have worn six different uniforms since Christmas Day alone. Good thing everyone knows who LeBron is already.

Lately when you turn on an NBA game featuring the Miami Heat, you have to look for LeBron James and Dwyane Wade first, and then figure out which team is which, because there's no telling what Miami will be wearing.

I'm a little fuzzy on the official rules regarding uniforms in the NBA, and there are clearly exceptions as well. For instance, the ten teams that played on Christmas Day this year all played in special "Big Color" uniforms, which accounts for one of the six variants for the Heat, and clearly throwback uniforms which are allowed in some seasons don't count as an official alternate. I think the rule is that you can introduce a maximum of one new alternate once every two seasons. For instance when the Clippers redesigned their uniforms for the 2010-2011 season, they had to wait until this season to re-introduce a blue alternate.

So I guess it's not that hard, if you don't redesign your base uniform, to build up quite a catalog of unis. (Frankly, if you didn't touch the logo, you might be smarter to 're-brand' simply by introducing a new uniform while keeping all of the old ones.) There would seem to be a point of diminishing returns for having so many different looks. After all, the word uniform literally means "one form" and is defined as being the same, so having six forms would seem a bit out of the spirit of the word. But whatever that point of diminishing returns is, the Heat apparently haven't found it yet. Seems they can sell more of those number 6, number 3 and number 1 jerseys if there are more variants from which to choose.

Check out the gallery for the six uniforms the Heat have worn since Christmas Day.