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Garnett to Clips Rumors Persist

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Adrian Wojnarowjski and Marc Spears first reported the Clips and Celtics renewing talks about a trade for Kevin Garnett here. They have the Clips trading Eric Bledsoe AND DeAndre Jordan for the thirty-six year old, 20 12 million per, All Star (who just hinted at retirement). Then Chris Broussard refuted that claim via twitter (here) saying

Vinny Del Negro wants KG, willing to give Bledsoe/Jordan for him. Clips front office totally against the move. Front office has final say.

Then later:

If Boston wants WGreen, RTuriaf & C Butler, sure the Clips front office will take KG, but not for Bled & Jordan.

Wojnaroski and Spears conclude that the whole thing is now in Garnett's lap, because of his no trade clause.

Personally, I'd don't understand why you'd trade two young pieces for a spectacularly expensive, limited-minutes player who might not play next year... and messing with this team's chemistry right now, when we saw how poorly the second unit played without Eric Bledsoe recently, seems a little nuts.

(I found it this whole thing via a mashup story by Ben Golliver at SI. Our own Citizen ClipperNation also had it in the fanshots but I can't promote that to the cover because... because for some reason SBNation won't let me.)