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NBA All Star Game open thread

Clippers Chris Paul and Blake Griffin start for the Western Conference for the second year in a row when the NBA All Star game tips off tonight.


It's interesting. We're not exactly used to being contenders here in Clips Nation. Honestly, I don't remember All Star weekend seeming like such a MASSIVE DISTRACTION from the real business at hand in year's past. That's probably because approximately three fourths of the time in the last 30 years the Clippers were more or less eliminated from the playoff race by the All Star break. When the Clippers are far more likely to win real games than to lose them, I find that I want to watch real games that much more. Go figure.

Even with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin starting for the West, I'm just not that into this ASG. If Kevin Garnett were to change teams at halftime and play with Griffin and Paul in the second half, that might peak my interest a bit. But short of that I'm pretty meh on the whole thing. Oh I'll watch, don't get me wrong. But I'd much rather be watching Clippers-Spurs Thursday.