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Trade Deadline open thread

This will be your thread for discussing the trade deadline with other citizens of Clips Nation today.


The NBA Trade Deadline is today at noon pacific time. That's a little over four hours from now, but trades will continue to filter through the information pipeline for a bit after that. So if you're an NBA fan working in an office, forget about getting anything done.

This thread will be you're home base for discussing the deadline in general, trade rumors and actual trades today. I'll also have a story stream that chronicles actual deals, but we'll try to focus the conversation here on this thread. Make sense?

Looks like Josh Smith is likely headed to the Bucks, who are trying to make significant moves. Every year we think the deadline is going to be a dud, but it always produces one or two surprises. The Clippers appear unlikely to make a move, but you never know.

Have fun.