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Tuesday NBAction open thread

If you have something to say about the NBA games happening before the Clippers tip off tonight, you can say it here.


More than half the league is in action tonight, but of the top 10 Western Conference teams, only the Warriors and Clippers are actually playing, so there's not a lot direct implications for the Clippers before they tip off in the night cap against the Bobcats.

Orlando at Philadelphia, 4:00 PM

Golden State at Indiana, 4:00 PM

Sacramento at Miami, 4:30 PM

Cleveland at Chicago, 5:00 PM, NBA-TV

Brooklyn at New Orleans, 5:00 PM

Milwaukee at Dallas, 5:30 PM

Minnesota at Phoenix, 6:00 PM

Charlotte at LA Clippers, 7:30 PM, Prime Ticket

If you have League Pass, Golden State's visit to Indiana could be very interesting. The Warriors have won three straight at home, but before that they were routinely getting blown out, especially on the road. Meanwhile, Indiana has won back to back games by 30 plus points. The Clippers face the red hot Pacers on Thursday, so watching this game will also let you scout the next opponent some.

Tonight's NBA-TV game is between Cleveland and Chicago, and frankly you couldn't pay me to watch the Bulls right now. It seems like every time I watch a game other than the Clippers lately, the Bulls are playing, and struggling to score 70 points. Recent losses to Boston, Miami and Oklahoma City have all been televised, and the Bulls broke the 70 point barrier just once, scoring 72. Ick. I guess Tom Thibodeau should be commended for having that mess of a team eight games above .500 without Derrick Rose, but they are a complete disaster on offense.