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Article on Turiaf and other NBA heart surgery players

When the Clippers played the Celtics on Sunday, the game featured three players who had survived open heart surgery during their careers and returned to play NBA basketball.


I found this article by Jessica Camerato very interesting. Sunday's Clippers-Celtics game featured three survivors of open heart surgery, Ronny Turiaf of the Clippers and from the Celtics Jeff Green and former Clipper Chris Wilcox. The three were all on the court together for the start of the second quarter.

"30, 40 years ago it probably would have not been possible," said Turiaf. "This day and age, for us to be professional athletes and exert our bodies to the limit the way that we do, to be able to have a stronger heart, to be able to perform at a high level, and to be playing against each other in the same league where there are only so many of us in it, it's very powerful and I think it's a testament to technology, faith, and how good life is."