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Friday NBAction open thread

After the Clippers game switch over to this thread to discuss the other important NBA games tonight.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Clippers are playing in Cleveland now so obviously that's taking our focus, but there are 11 other games in the NBA tonight, including some really important ones for the Clippers main rivals.

Indiana at Toronto, 4:00 PM

New York at Washington, 4:00 PM

Houston at Orlando, 4:00 PM

Golden State at Boston, 4:30 PM, Prime Ticket

LA Clippers at Cleveland, 4:30 PM

Memphis at Miami, 4:00 PM, ESPN

Dallas at Brooklyn, 4:00 PM

Detroit at New Orleans, 5:00 PM

Sacramento at San Antonio, 5:30 PM

Charlotte at Utah, 6:00 PM

Atlanta at Phoenix, 6:00 PM

Oklahoma City at Denver, 7:30 PM, ESPN

When the Clippers game is over, we can switch over to ESPN and watch the end of Memphis at Miami. The Grizzlies and Heat are the league's too hottest teams, riding eight and 12 game winning streaks respectively. But let's face it, six of Memphis' eight wins came against bottom feeders, while Miami has been beating up on some of the best teams in the league. I don't expect this to be a contest, but we'll see.

After Heat-Grizzlies, there's an even more important game on for Clipper fans when the Thunder visit the Nuggets. The Nuggets have the best home record in the Western Conference, while the Thunder have just one win against a winning team since New Year's Day. If Denver does get the win and the Clippers handle Cleveland, then Sunday's meeting between the Clippers and the Thunder will be for second place in the Western Conference, so go Nuggets! Unfortunately they'll probably be without Danilo Gallinari again so that could hurt their chances.