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Wednesday NBAction open thread

The Clippers tip off at 7:30 but there's plenty of basketball to watch until then, including the Thunder and the Lakers in key Western Conference games.


Of the 11 NBA games on the schedule tonight, the Grizzlies at the Clippers is probably the most intriguing, pitting two teams battling for third place in the Western Conference against each other. But there are plenty of other interesting games going on as is almost always the case this time of year.

Miami at Philadelphia, 4:00 PM

Milwaukee at Washington, 4:00 PM

Minnesota at Indiana, 4:00 PM

Toronto at Boston, 4:30 PM

LA Lakers at Atlanta, 4:30 PM

Phoenix at Houston, 5:00 PM

Utah at Oklahoma City, 5:00 PM

Chicago at Sacramento, 7:00 PM

New York at Denver, 7:30 PM

Memphis at LA Clippers, 7:30 PM

Detroit at Golden State, 7:30 PM

Already underway, the Heat are after their 20th consecutive win. Only three NBA teams in the shot clock era have ever won 20 in a row -- Miami can become the fourth tonight, and the way Philadelphia has looked recently, they probably will.

The Lakers are visiting Atlanta, hoping to hold on to eighth spot in the Western Conference playoff race. Unfortunately for L.A., even as they've been winning 17 of their last 23 games, they've only had one win over a winning team on the road. They can double that total with a win over the Hawks tonight.

The Jazz, now chasing the Lakers in the playoff race, have the unenviable task of playing in Oklahoma City. They can do themselves and the Clippers a favor by winning tonight, but it's unlikely. The game is on ESPN.

The late game on ESPN has the Knicks visiting the Nuggets, a homecoming game for Carmelo Anthony. Unfortunately for him, they way the Nuggets play at home and the way the Knicks have been playing lately, this will probably be a Denver blowout victory. If the Nuggets and Clippers both win, Denver will move within a half game of the Grizzlies in the standings.