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Sunday NBAction open thread

There are plenty of games to watch on Sunday, both before and after the Clippers play the Thunder.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Clippers play the Thunder at 12:30 and we'll all be watching that, but both before and after that big game there's plenty of other NBA action. So if you're idea of a perfect Sunday is watching basketball for 10 straight hours, today's the day, and you can chat with your friends on this thread.

Miami at New York, 10:00 AM, ABC

Oklahoma City at LA Clippers, 12:30 PM, ABC

Philadelphia at Washington, 3:00 PM

Memphis at Orlando, 3:00 PM

Charlotte at Sacramento, 3:00 PM

Dallas at Houston, 4:00 PM

Detroit at San Antonio, 4:00 PM

Chicago at Indiana, 5:00 PM, ESPN

Atlanta at LA Lakers, 6:30 PM, Time Warner Sports

Unfortunately for the Clippers, they will need to take care of business against the Thunder because they can't really be expecting any help from the Magic against the Grizzlies or the Pistons against the Spurs. San Antonio will be without Tony Parker after his sprained ankle, and they'll also be missing Boris Diaw, Gary Neal and Stephen Jackson, but even shorthanded they should be able to handle Detroit at home.

The first game of the day, Miami at New York, will be interesting if only because the Knicks have already beaten the Heat twice this season. But frankly I'd be shocked by anything other than a blow out win by the Heat in this one. Miami has been asserting itself and is on a 13 game winning streak, while the Knicks have been slumping badly since they ceased sustaining their unsustainable three point shooting.

The Indiana-Chicago game could be brutal. As bad as Chicago has been on offense lately, they'll be lucky to score 60 against Indy's league-best defense.

The late game has the Lakers hosting Atlanta. It's a chance for the Lakers to get back to .500 for the first time since 2012 and they could also inch closer to a playoff spot -- really close depending on what happens earlier in the day when Houston hosts Dallas. Houston may be in eighth currently, but the way Golden State is playing right now, the Warriors may be the team in trouble if the Lakers can put together a winning streak.