Playoff Atmosphere!

Great game last night against the Spur, but suffered heart burns though watching DJ shooting bricks at the foul lines (plus being eaten alive by Duncan), seeing CP3 being outplayed and out hustled by Parker and finally getting tired of VDN's limited ability of drawing up plays to win close games . But, if this is indicative of how we will be playing against the Spurs or against any other team, then I'm happy! The physicality, the tight defense, the productivity of the subs are getting quickly to the playoff level. With 10 games remaining, the Clippers are quickly going back to that playing form which won them 17 straight games in December. I'm still wondering though how VDN will be handling the playoff rotation. So far he has not gone to an 8 or 9 players rotation. Or will he insist on using a 10 man rotation? He once tried but quickly came back to his usual rotation. With injuries plaguing both the aged Billups and Grant, we are forced to use Green (thank God he is available!) as a starter and he is responding pretty well as usual to the challenge. If the Clips use an 8 player rotation, who then would it be? Bledsoe, Barnes and JC for sure will be added. Or would it be a 9 man rotation adding LO simply because of DJ's inability to shoot free throws? Or can we go small but fast with Blake at the center? However, if Billups and Grant becomes healthy, what then will be our playoff lineup? I have never seen a 10 man rotation in the playoffs. But with so many player options, perhaps it's best to use it?

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