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The Daily Clipper for Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sorry folks that I have been posting the DC or participating on a regular. I came down with the flu (twice) going around but I am back. Here are some Clipper related news.

Stephen Dunn

Serge Ibaka will not be suspended for Blake Griffin groin chop, according to report -
The Thunder forward will reportedly only be fined for hitting the Clippers star below the belt on Sunday.

Oklahoma City shows Clippers the superpower of experience -
Serge Ibaka 's vicious right hand to the groin of Blake Griffin late in the fourth quarter Sunday served as only a prelude to the real smackdown administered by the Oklahoma City Thunder .

Clippers' Butler shares story with local kids
Clippers forward Caron Butler talked to students from Dorsey and Santee High Schools following a special screening of "In My Own Words: Caron Butler."

Chris Paul, Tony Parker lead list of NBA's top point guards | The Point Forward -
1. Chris Paul, Clippers

Power Rankings: Early-surprise Knicks, Clippers showing stripes - NBA - News, Scores, Stats, Fantasy Advice
All that early excitement about the Knicks has quieted down as the season grinds on and New York slips. Matt Moore says 82 games will always tell the truth.

LA Clippers to help Long Beach renovate McBride Park playground, courts - Press-Telegram
The Los Angeles Clippers plan to give Long Beach an assist on replacing a playground and basketball court at an inner-city park.

Kobe Bryant says he would have 'smacked' Serge Ibaka in retaliation for groin punch on Blake Griffin - ESPN Los Angeles
Kobe Bryant saw Serge Ibaka's below-the-belt hit Sunday on Blake Griffin and thought that some retaliation was in order.