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Tuesday NBAction open thread

It's a rare TNT Tuesday night, with a double header of Celtics-Sixers followed by Lakers-Thunder

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I'm still baffled by the NBA's decision not to suspend Serge Ibaka for his cheap shot on Blake Griffin, but looking at this double-header you can see one potential reason. TNT schedules a special night of hoops, and the first game features the Sixers, one of the least entertaining and frankly worst teams in the league. Not to mention the Celtics playing without Rondo. Maybe they just couldn't bear depriving the second game of Ibaka. It still makes no sense though.

Boston at Philadelphia, 4:00 PM

LA Lakers at Oklahoma City, 6:30 PM

Denver at Sacramento, 7:00 PM

A win would move the Lakers above .500 for the first time since they were 6-5 in Mike D'Antoni's debut as their coach. Too bad for them they're not going to win.

The other game on the schedule has Denver heading to Sacramento. At first glance you might expect that to be a Denver blowout victory, but look again. The Nuggets are 13-19 on the road while the Kings are 15-13 at home, so should the Nuggets even be favored?