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Corey Brewer gets a flop warning

Flop warnings are back. For the first time since January, the NBA has issued a flop warning, this one to Denver's Corey Brewer.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Last Monday I posted a brief update on the league's flopping policy. Our old pal Stu Jackson has been trumpeting how well it's working based on the decrease in warnings that have been issued by the league.

Then while we were watching the Nuggets and the Clippers on Thursday night we saw Corey Brewer snap his head and flail violently off course when Eric Bledosoe brushed up against him.

Breaking their own flop-less streak, the NBA decided it could not look the other way on Brewer's theatrics, issuing a well-deserved flop warning to the Denver wing. It's Brewer's first warning of the season so it did not result in a fine.