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The Daily Clipper – RINNNNGGGZZZ!! Edition

I can now sport my Nick Van Exel shirt with pride!

Stephen Dunn

I have an announcement to make: I now bleed purlple and gold! No more shall I support that little "step brother" team! Yea, so what if they have the best closer in town! So what if they one of the brightest star in the league!? I don’t care that they play an exciting type of bastketball! Give me age, experience, and 16 rings any day! The 8th seed is where it’s at!!

From now on, or until Steve removes me as an author on this site, all you will get is Lakers stories!

These are the stories that matter!!

Kobe Bryant passes Wilt Chamberlain to become the fourth-leading scorer in NBA history (Video) | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo! Sports

From the blog Ball Don't Lie: It took until the 8:50 mark of the second quarter for Kobe Bryant to score his first points on Saturday, as he missed his first five shots and first free-throw attempt before hitting a pair of freebies against the hapless … Continue reading →

Lakers: Week 23 predictions -
With three games this week at Staples Center, the Lakers will be challenged by the Dallas Mavericks, Memphis Grizzlies and, in a local road game, the Clippers. Anything less than two or three wins might ultimately eliminate the Lakers from the playoffs.

With Steve Nash hobbled, Lakers need more from Steve Blake -
With Steve Nash hampered by a strained hamstring, the Lakers will need veteran point guard Steve Blake to help keep the team afloat through the final eight games.