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Rewriting the Record Book -- the 2012-2013 Los Angeles Clippers

By any measure, the best team in Clippers franchise history.


We've become somewhat inured at this point to all of the superlatives associated with this Los Angeles Clippers team. As Ralph Lawler said to the STAPLES Center crowd in attendance Tuesday night prior to the final home game of the regular season, "By any measure, this is the greatest team in Clippers' history." Let's look at some of those measures.

(Note: we can have this be an active list as well. I'm working off the top of my head here: if you have other significant accomplishments you know of for this team, leave them in the comments and I'll add them to the list.)

  • 56 regular season wins. The previous franchise high for regular season wins was 49, set by the 74-75 Buffalo Braves. The previous high for a Clippers team was 47, set by the 05-06 Clippers. Seven more wins than the 75 Braves is a 14% increase. Nine more wins than the 06 Clippers is a 19% improvement.
  • .683 winning percentage. Neither the 75 Braves nor the 06 Clippers actually had the best winning percentage in franchise history. That distinction used to belong to last season's Clippers, who won .606 of their games during the lockout shorted season (40-26). This year's Clippers lost the same number of games -- and won 16 more.
  • Back-to-back winning seasons. Believe it or not, no Clippers team has ever had two winning seasons in a row. The Larry Brown Clippers made the Playoffs two seasons in a row in 92 and 93, but the 93 team finished at .500, 41-41. The franchise record is three in a row, from 1974 to 1976 in Buffalo.
  • 30 games over .500. With their seven game winning streak to close the season, the Clippers climbed 30 games over .500. Clearly that has never happened before.
  • 32-9 home record. The 75 Braves won 30 home games.
  • 24-17 road record. No prior team in franchise history had compiled a winning road record. The Clippers finished with three straight road wins to get seven games above .500.
  • 17 game winning streak. The Clippers had an incredible 17 game winning streak this season that started with the final game in November and lasted throughout December. It was also just the third time in NBA history that a team posted a perfect 16-0 in a calendar month. Until this season, the longest winning streak in franchise history had been 11 games by our favorite Braves team. No team name Clippers had ever won more than eight in a row, so the Clippers more than doubled that mark. The 17 game streak wound up being the second longest in the NBA this season, behind only Miami's historic 27 gamer. The Clippers' streak is tied for the 11th longest in the shot clock era and the sixth longest in the last 30 years.
  • Division championship. No team in franchise history had ever won an NBA division championship until this season. Not the Braves in the Atlantic Division back in the day, not the Clippers in the Pacific -- until now that is.
  • Sweep of the Lakers. No Clippers team had ever swept the rival Los Angeles Lakers. The Braves did it once, but the teams were not only in different divisions at the time, they were in different conferences, so it is not really the same thing.