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NBA Playoffs Sunday open thread

Four series got underway Saturday and four more get started today.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 NBA Playoffs got started Saturday with all four home teams winning their opening games. The Warriors almost pulled off the upset in Denver, but old man Andre Miller came to Denver's rescue for the two point lead. The rest of the day went more or less as planned, though few probably expected the Clippers to hang 110 points on Memphis.

There are of course four more series getting started today.

The action gets started on TNT at 10 AM pacific with Atlanta at Indiana. The Hawks kind of limped into the postseason, and while Indiana hasn't exactly been playing their best basketball lately either, their defense should be more than enough to carry them past the Hawks.

The ABC game starts at 12:30 and features our dear friends the Lakers visiting the Spurs in San Antonio. The Spurs struggled more than any other playoff team in the final weeks of the season. How much of that was injuries, how much was them conceding the first seed, and how healthy they are at this point, all remains to be seen. The Lakers won their final two games without Kobe Bryant, including a crucial victory over these Spurs in the penultimate game, but the idea of them winning a playoff series while Kobe recovers from Achilles surgery seems pretty far fetched at first. Still, there are three recent All Stars on this team assuming Steve Nash plays, and at least now the rest of them will get plenty of touches. I don't think the Lakers have much chance in this series, but if the Spurs are still hurting, you never know.

The Milwaukee-Miami series holds zero intrigue. The Bucks are the only playoff team with a losing record, the Heat had the league's best regular season record and won 27 straight games at one point. This series is already over.

The Rockets-Thunder series is full of intrigue. James Harden gets to play superstar in a playoff series against his old team where he won the Sixth Man Award last year. The Rockets can beat anyone when their offense is clicking -- but they have zero chance of stopping either Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook, who will absolutely destroy them. Houston might win a game or two, but there's no way they win the series. The game is on TNT at 6:30.