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NBA Playoffs Tuesday action open thread

The games are on the postseason schedule tonight, with Miami, New York and Denver hoping to extend the dominance of home teams in the playoffs so far.


Home teams are now 9-1 in the NBA Playoffs so far, with Chicago finally breaking through for a road win in Brooklyn last night. Three series go into their second games tonight, with the Heat, Knicks and Nuggets hoping to join the Clippers at 2-0 in the postseason.

The Miami-Milwaukee series should have just been canceled and the Heat penciled into the second round. Or maybe they should have let Utah have Milwaukee's spot. At any rate, Miami played a lackluster Game 1 and only won by 23. There's just not a lot of suspense in this one.

The Celtics on the other hand put a bit of a scare into the Knicks in their Game 1 before the second seeded Knicks prevailed. The Knicks have been playing well certainly, but they can go through shooting slumps which makes them vulnerable.

The late game is the Warriors at the Nuggets. Golden State had a real chance to steal Game 1, but Andre Miller saved the day for Denver. Now the Warriors have lost David Lee for the rest of the playoffs, which is a real setback for them. This is not a particularly deep team, and without Lee they'll be even more dependent on perimeter scoring from Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. It's hard to see the Warriors pulling a series upset now, but the way they shoot they certainly have a chance in any one game.