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NBA Playoffs Wednesday action open thread

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If the Clippers get past the Grizzlies in the first round, they'll likely face the Thunder. Oklahoma City faces Houston in an important Game 2 tonight.

Christian Petersen

The Clippers lead their NBA Playoff series against the Grizzlies 2-0. The odds that they'll win are looking pretty good, and if they do, they'll face the winner of the Thunder-Rockets series which moves to Game 2 tonight.

The Thunder won easily in Game 1 and would seem like prohibitive favorites in the series, but the Rockets, a bit like the Warriors, can get hot and beat anyone. If they fall into a 0-2 hole against Oklahoma City it's probably all over -- so Houston really needs to win this one tonight. If you want to start scouting the Clippers next opponent, this is the game. It's on TNT right now.

After Rockets-Thunder, TNT will be showing the Lakers at the Spurs. That series is also 1-0 in favor of the home team, and the Lakers are just as big of a long shot as the Rockets. Without Kobe Bryant, the Lakers have to figure out an identity, and the playoffs are a bad time to do that.

The third game tonight is in the East, the Hawks against the Pacers. Indiana won easily in Game 1, but as the Nets found out, a convincing Game 1 win does not always equate to a win in Game 2.