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Clippers fans excitement reflected in secondary market playoff ticket pricing premium

The information below has been compiled by Dan Groob from SBNation's ticketing partner, TiqIQ. It's interesting to see the excitement around Clippers tickets in this Laker crazy town.


It's not very often that the Los Angeles Clippers hold home court in the playoffs, but when they do, it's certainly reason for fans to get excited.

Since the Clippers moved to Los Angeles from San Diego for the 1984-85 season, they have made the playoffs six times. Only twice have they advanced past the first round. During the same time, the Los Angeles Lakers have only missed the playoffs twice, with two more NBA championships than the Clippers have playoff berths. For quite possibly the first time ever, it feels as if the roles of the two teams have been reversed in Los Angeles. The Clippers were able to hold home court with two victories over the Grizzlies, while the Lakers limped into the playoffs and dropped the first two games of their first round series in uncompetitive fashion at San Antonio. Still, even without Kobe Bryant and down 0-2, the Lakers appear to hold the attraction of star power in the Los Angeles market. According to TiqIQ, the Lakers tickets for first round home games at the Staples Center currently checks in at $331 dollars, a 25% premium over their regular season home average of $265 dollars.

  • Lakers 1st Round Avg: $331
  • Lakers Regular Season Avg: $265
  • Playoff Premium: +25% over regular season home avg

Despite the fact that Lakers tickets are still more expensive than Clippers tickets, it's the Clippers that demand a higher premium. At an average price of $214 dollars, first round Clippers tickets are commanding an 83% premium over regular season tickets, which finished the year at an average price of $117 dollars.

  • Clippers 1st Round Avg: $214
  • Clippers Regular Season Avg: $117
  • Playoff Premium: +83% over regular season home avg

The 83% premium commanded by Clippers playoff tickets as opposed to the 25% premium of Lakers playoff tickets is a perfect example of the excitement within the Clippers fan base this season. Despite Lakers tickets during the regular season selling for almost double the price of Clippers tickets, even on a nominal basis, the Clippers playoff premium of $97 dollars outpaces the Lakers premium of $66.

Clippers nation is excited with good reason. Up 2-1 and holding home court, they look poised to advance further in the playoffs than the Lakers for only the second time since the two teams began sharing the city of Los Angeles. The Clippers have never advanced past the second round, but this has already been a record-breaking year for the Clippers, so it may be time for another first.