Would a 10 man rotation be effective in the playoffs?

With the playoff starting in two weeks, it looks like VDN and his staff are prepared to use a 10 man rotation.Although they sometimes use a hybrid 8 man rotation in the second half of the game utilizing more of Crawford, Barnes and LO but oftentimes, they go back to their 10 man rotation. 6 more games before the playoff and the rotation is still the same. It is imbedded in VDN's system and perhaps he is truly convinced that this is the way to go. This will be tested today with the Lakers who are using an 8 man rotation and if it fails, then could it be too late to shift to an 7 or 8 man rotation? I have never seen a 10 man rotation before in the playoff. Would it not be hard to maintain consistency throughout the game with more people to coach?The playoff games being played slower and mostly half court, how would the second unit fare since they play transition basketball, faster, but lacking half court game? Lately, the first unit has been lax and passive (Blake and DJ are on and off) and the second unit playing more aggressive and inspired basketball with the first unit on the bench cheering for them. With the possibility of Billups ( might play today vs the Lakers) playing and starting again, Vinnie will have a tougher issue on the question of rotation.

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