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Vinny Del Negro calls out DeAndre Jordan after Game 5

Andy Lyons

Per the Daily News:

I don't know if crossroads is the right (word) but there's definitely a level you have to play at right now that is much different. He has a much different responsibility now. He understands it.

I haven't seen the consistency that I like. He hasn't seen the consistency he would like.

Sure, DJ has been a non-factor during the playoffs but so have Vinny's adjustments. It is time for VDN to take some responsibility for his coaching. If VDN is willing to call out DJ, then he should call out himself as well.

When the team picked up VDN's option last year, I was willing to give him time because last season was a short one with no training camp. But this time around there was no excuse. He was handed a team loaded with talent and he has proven time after time he is NOT the coach for the Clippers.

Am I frustrated? Yes. Am I angry? Hell yeah.

By the way, VDN has now become a comedian

But those are decisions that are made during the heat of the battle, and you go with your rotation as best you can. At this stage of the game you want to stay with your rotation, but if they're not being productive, you have to look at other guys you have confidence in, that have produced throughout the series.

Really, Vinny? Other guys like Willie Green or Grant Hill? And yet, they have sat on the bench throughout the playoffs and should be utilized.