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Tom Ziller: VDN can't stay and CP3 might leave if Clippers lose series


Tom Ziller of SBNation tells us that:

If L.A. loses this, can both CP3 and VDN hang around? Remember, Paul is a free agent this summer, too. It would have seemed improbable that he'd leave the Clippers after turning around the franchise over two years. But losing in the first round would be a distinct step backwards. It's hard to imagine Del Negro surviving a first-round loss, even given the fact that the decision-making process in L.A. is strange, mysterious and possibly ruled via Ouija board. (The headline of the press release announcing that Gary Sacks was basically the new GM of the team last offseason read "Gary Sacks assumes role of Clippers VP of basketball operations." Assumes role? Like, did he inherit it? Was it a coup? Is he just assuming he's in charge because everyone else left for a pack of smokes and didn't come back?)

Is there really a need to bash the Clippers Front Office (FO) and Donald Sterling at every turn? Really, Tom?

It is no secret that Clippers ownership and FO have been less than stellar throughout the years but in the last three years they have seemed to be slowly but surely turning the corner. At least that is my impression.

The one thing I believe that Tom and I agree on is the talent the Clippers have (this goes back to the article posted yesterday) but our agreement ends here:

It's impossible to watch a team with this much offensive talent struggle to score without thinking about Vinny Del Negro, as easy and cheap as it might feel.

Regarding CP3 leaving, Steve Kyler of Hoopsworld seems to disagree with Tom:

RT @RealJT07: If Clippers loose series does CP3 look at other teams this summer -→ No, he's staying. Vinny Del Negro likely out.

All in all this to me is just another beat the dead horse article. But I just wanted to share with you.

P.S. 82-0 was spotted commenting on Tom's piece.