Can Blake "just be like Doc"?

After watching the 1 hour special on Julius Erving last night, I am more than convinced that Blake can be "just like Doc".
The "dunk hysteria" that the Doc created when he jumped from ABA to NBA is closely akin to that of what Blake did 3 years ago (and still going!). Although many has criticized Blake for not having a jump shot ala Karl Malone, I say he should emulate more the Doc and develop the same moves that the Doc had. When it comes to dunking, I think the two are comparable in terms of result and excitement created. The moves under the basket is still not quite there yet for Blake but I think he could pretty much develop his move down low in the same manner as Doc did. It took a long time for the Doc to win a ring and it took a Moses Malone added to the team to do it. if this is not asking too much, DJ (??!!!) could be that link and then the triumverate could be much more effective with CP3 leading the trio. Also, I don't recall that Doc was a "tough" player so to speak. He was so skilled that there was no question on his toughness. So Blake, continue to be the dunking machine that you are and "Just be like Doc"!!!

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