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Brian Shaw may be out of the running for Nets' head coach position. Clippers job is Shaw's priority

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Jason Kidd and Nets close to a deal. Nets meeting with Shaw uncertain at this point.


Per Adrian's report:

Nets ownership has told league associates that it wants a "fresh face," as coach, and the hiring ofKidd would give them a star quality that comes with significant risk for a franchise with a mandate to complete for championships in the short term.

Talks on a possible contract for Kidd are under way, sources said.

Brooklyn general manager Billy King has an interview scheduled with Indiana Pacers associate head coach Brian Shaw on Wednesday, but it's unclear if that will still happen. Shaw is meeting with the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday, and that job is his priority, sources said.

In his report, Adrian states that Shaw is meeting with the Clippers on Tuesday (today?). I have sent Adrian a tweet asking whether he meant Monday instead of Tuesday. I'll keep you posted.