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Lionel Hollins and Brian Shaw remain the top two targets of the Clippers for head coach?

Lauren Moranor of Sports World Report is reporting that the top two targets of the Clippers for the head coach vacancy are Lionel Hollins and Brian Shaw.


Per Lauren's report (please note sentence in bold):

The Clippers have reportedly already set up an interview with Hollins this week. Los Angeles is looking to get a head coach in place before free agency. The team is in desperation mode trying to find a head coach that will be pleasing to free-agent-to-be Chris Paul. They are looking for someone that has a proven track record of success and can offer a versatile offense. Hollins would be a fitting candidate for the job.

Los Angeles has already had meetings with Shaw and Byron Scott about the vacant position. Owner Donald Sterling recently had dinner with Shaw in an effort to lure him into the organization. Hollins can expect the same treatment.