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The 2014 Clippers: The Power Forwards

The 2014 Clippers, position by position...

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All this week John Raffo and I are discussing the 2014 Clippers position by position. Today it's the power forward spot.

Finally, a position without doubt- power forward. We all know who the Clippers are starting here, but there could still be some doubt as to how the backups will shake out.

Returning Players:

Blake Griffin: 5yrs/78.6million remaining

Exit Interview


There's no doubt here. He'll keep getting better, he'll start for the next 5 years, and then he'll sign another 5 year max deal to start for the next 5 years. And hopefully he'll collect some hardware along the way.


Yeah, it might be a lot to ask but if Blake Griffin keeps improving the next couple of years at the same rate he's been improving, he's gonna be a ten-year all star.

Clippers Free Agents:

Lamar Odom:

Exit Interview


We can argue about whether or not he was good enough last season (actually, upon review, he was pretty horrible statistically)... he certainly wasn't the Lamar Odom of old, but he was at least a little better than in Dallas. Ultimately, he's still a decent backup to Blake Griffin. The Clippers have his bird rights, so they can give him a contract without using their MLE. Unless a better backup is available for the minimum I think he'll stick around.


I love Odom. I know he's not the same guy he was a couple of years ago, but he's so much better than anyone else on the Clipper bench... and so much better a rebounder and big defender than anyone on the Clipper payroll that I'd be shocked if the Clips didn't try and bring him back.

If he can regain a tiny bit of his offensive form, the Clips have a pair of passing, dribbling, power forwards that are simply ridiculous. His skill at defense is excellent as well. If the team had a better backup center would it matter if he scored at all?

Free Agent Wishlist:


There's not a lot of need for the Clippers to go after a PF in free agency. They need another big man, but since Odom will be brought back I hope that the new guy is bigger- more of a center.


Clips need a backup center, depth at the wing, Odom's a neat fit at pf if they can bring him back.

Who will the 2014 Clippers start at PF?


Blake Griffin



Who will the 2014 Clippers bring off the bench at PF?


Lamar Odom



Other positions:

The Point Guards

The Shooting Guards

The Small Forwards

Check back tomorrow for the centers.