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Rumor: Garnett, Rivers to Clippers for Jordan, Picks?

Woj is reporting that the Clippers are discussing a trade for Kevin Garnett and Doc rivers.


According to Woj of Y! Sports, the Clippers and Celtics are officially discussing a trade.

Boston and Los Angeles are discussing a package that will send DeAndre Jordan and two first-round picks to the Celtics for Garnett and the right to hire Rivers as coach, sources said.

Boston also wants the Clippers to include Eric Bledsoe in the trade, but the Clippers aren't so eager.

The final hurdle of a deal centers on the Clippers' willingness to include guard Eric Bledsoe into a trade package with Boston, sources said.

Worried about Kevin Garnett's no trade clause?

Garnett will waive his no-trade clause to go to the Clippers, where he'll be reunited with Rivers.

Worried that Sterling won't pay Doc Rivers?

Clippers owner Donald Sterling is prepared to pay Rivers in the neighborhood of the $7 million annual salary he currently holds with the Celtics, front office sources said.

Woj also reports that the Clippers would hire assistant coach Ty Lue from the Celtics.

Celtics assistant Ty Lue also will likely join them in Los Angeles, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The important thing about this deal is that Eric Bledsoe is not included. If the Clippers can get out of this while retaining Bledsoe, then they can still flip him and Caron Butler for another player (like Aaron Afflalo or Andre Iguodala).

The future of Paul Pierce is uncertain in this deal. If the Celtics don't trade him, do they keep him (and let him retire a Celtic) or do they release him and save money on his salary? Once he's released, would he reunite with Doc and KG in Los Angeles? The Clippers could offer him their full Mid-Level exception, which, paired with the $5M he is guaranteed from Boston, would pay him over $10M next season.

At least, according to Woj, we'll know soon.

The Celtics and Rivers want a finality to these talks, and there's pressure to complete a deal in the next two days or walk away completely, sources said.