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NBA Finals Game 6 Open Thread -- Spurs try to close out series

Oh hey, look at that. The NBA Finals are still being played. I almost forgot about it amid the Doc-mania around here.


It turns out that other things are happening in the NBA this week -- one of them kind of important. The Spurs lead the Heat 3-2 in the NBA Finals, and could close out the series in Game 6 tonight in Miami. Of course, the Heat have looked unbeatable in even-numbered games, so my money is on LeBron and company tonight. Not that I won't be rooting for the Spurs.

What does it say about the Heat that a die-hard fan of underdogs like the founder of Clips Nation is actually pulling for the Spurs to win yet another title?

By the way, I'll be watching USA-Honduras in World Cup Qualifying. Priorities.