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George Karl "unsettled" in Denver?

Shelburne: Coach of the Year George Karl could flee Denver for Clips...


Maybe it's time to take the George-Karl-to-the-Clips rumors seriously. According to Ramona Shelburne, with the exodus of GM Masai Ujiri, George Karl is "unsettled" as a head coach. He's got a year left on his deal and Denver doesn't seem particularly anxious to let him go.

"Coach of the Year" Karl won 57 games last year, and wound up in third-place in the conference with a bunch of good players but no superstars. He's done this before, led teams to great regular season records, then flopped in the playoffs... but he juggled a talented, deep lineup, which suffered multiple injuries to a surprising regular season record after a slow start. That's a better record than a certain Los Angeles team with a couple of All-NBA players in its lineup.

Are the Clips serious about George Karl? And what could he do with the Clipper roster?